Mar 01, 2023

MARCH 2023

It's officially (Palm Beach International) Boat Show month!

The entire team at MIAPBC is gearing up for the best boat show ever, happening in just a couple of short weeks. The Palm Beach Post will be publishing a Boat Show section on Sunday, March 19 so be sure to check it out because it will have a map and all the exciting new things to experience at the show. All Business and Boater members will be receiving their complimentary PBIBS tickets via email within the next week. That also goes for businesses that sponsored the Palm Beach Holiday Boat Parade or won them. If you refer a new business member to join MIAPBC this month prior to the start of the boat show, they will get six complimentary boat show tickets and you will get an additional four tickets!

We are still in need of some volunteers at the MIAPBC booth, so be sure to check out what openings are left and for your time you will receive a credential to attend the show all four days. We have lots of fun promo items to giveaway!

The Boater's Directory has officially gone off to the printer, so be on the lookout for that in the MIAPBC booth at the show and in your mailboxes if you are a member. Other copies will be available through some of the events we sponsor throughout the year.

We wish all our members who are exhibiting a very successful boat show, and please reach out if there is anything we can do to help you.

See you on the docks! 


Sailfish Marina, 37

Albury Brothers Boats, 16

Alley, Maass, Rogers & Lindsay, P.A., 16

American Yacht Restoration, Inc., 16

Atlantic Filter Corporation, 16

Barnacle Busters, 16

Blue Marlin Marine Electronics, 16

Bobby Soles Propeller, 16

C & L Insurance, Inc., 16

C 2 Shore, 16

Cannonsport Marina, 16

Canvas Designers, Inc., 16

Cracker Boy Boat Works, 16

Florida Inland Navigation District, 16

Florida Marine, 16

Glasgow Equipment Service, Inc., 16

Gulfstream Marine A/C and Refrigeration, 16

JH Sprague Consulting, LLC, 16, 16

Land and Sea Distributing Inc., 16

Marine Business Advisors/US Marina Group, 16

Marine Exhaust Systems, Inc., 16

Merritt Supply, 16

Murrelle Marine, 16

Ocean Alloys/Seaworthy Services, 16

Offshore Connection Marine Electronics, Inc, 16

Palm Beach Sailing Club, 16

Palm Beach Yacht Center, 16

Palm Beach Yacht Club & Marina, 16

Palm Beach Yachts International, 16

Palm Harbor Marina, 16

Rybovich, 16

Safe Harbor North Palm Beach Marina, 16

Safe Harbor Old Port Cove, 16

Seminole Marine Maintenance, 16

Treasure Coast Maritime, Inc. d/b/a Sea Tow Palm Beach, 16

Tuppen's Marine and Tackle, 16

Viking Yachts Service Center, 16

Voda Marine Services, 16

Ward's Marine Electric, 16

West Palm Beach Fishing Club, 16

Applied Technology & Management, Inc., 15

Marine Electronic Solutions, 14

Horizon Yachts, Inc., 13

Palmdale Oil Company, 13

Teak Deck Company, 12

Downey Yacht Sales, 9

Boat Dynasty, Inc., 7

Glacier Society, Inc. (501c3), 7

West Marine Pro, 6

Willis Custom Yachts, 6

ANGARI Foundation, 4

Cypress Island Marina, 4

Gateway Marina, 4

Harbourside Place, 4

Lenco Marine, 4

Piper's Angels Foundation - Crossing For A Cure, 4

RAB Designs, Inc, 4

Blue Water Boat Rentals, 3

Florida Yacht Detailing llc, 3

AMG Insurance International, 2

Oasis Marinas, 2

Cebrone LLC, 1

Chasentailz KDW Fishing Tournament, 1

CMV50 Corporation Inc, 1

Ellipse Diagnostics, 1

Maz Ocean, 1

Propspeed, 1

United Special Patrol, 1

We are in need of volunteers! 

Please click the link below, if you're available to work a shift.

Volunteers will receive credentials to attend the show all four days, plus a shirt. 

Drinks and snacks are provided. Parking is not included. 


Shifts are: 

Thursday, March 24

11:30 a.m.- 3:00 p.m. - FULL

3:00 - 7:00 p.m.


Friday, March 25

9:30 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

2:00 - 7:00 p.m.


Saturday, March 26

9:30 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

2:00 - 7:00 p.m.


Sunday, March 27

9:30 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

2:00 - 6:00 p.m. - FULL


Gillen Yacht Services is Hiring!

Please email your resume to:

Marine Painter - Palm Beach

Marine Fiberglass Tech - Palm Beach

Lead Marine HVAC Tech - Palm Beach

Lead HVAC Tech - Ft Lauderdale

Lead Marine Diesel Mechanic / Job Foreman - Palm Beach

Marine Electrician - Palm Beach

Click Here for Full Job Descriptions

Michael Rybovich & Sons



  • Boat Builder/Carpenters
  • Marine Electricians
  • Mechanics
  • Painters/Varnishers

Competitive salary and recently updated comprehensive benefits package.

Come join our family-owned and operated custom sportfishing operation in Palm Beach Gardens. Work with some of the best craftsmen in the business!

Call Monday-Friday for additional information:

(561) 627-9168, and/or send your resume to:

Brightline planning three-week closure of St. Lucie River bridge for renovations

Brightline plans to close the St. Lucie River railroad bridge for three weeks this spring, a move that could disrupt marine traffic and maritime business. Renovation of the 98-year-old bridge comes as the railroad prepares to extend its passenger service between Miami & Orlando.

Click here to read more

Boaters are encouraged to be on the lookout during right whale calving season

If you plan to boat or fish in the Atlantic Ocean this winter, be on the lookout for North Atlantic right whales that are calving in state and federal waters off Florida, Georgia and South Carolina from November through April. These endangered species are extremely hard to spot and collisions with vessels put passengers and crew at risk and could cause injury or death to right whales. With fewer than 350, right whales are one of the world's most endangered large whale species. 

Follow these boating safety tips during right whale season:

  • Go slow, which can give you time to react. 
  • Post a lookout! Watch for black objects, whitewater and splashes. 
  • Avoid boating in the dark, when visibility is poor or in rough seas. 
  • Use the Whale Alert app to see if whales have been sighted in your area. 
  • Check for signage at your local boat ramp or marina as a reminder of what to look for and how to identify and report right whale sightings.
  • If a whale is spotted, slow down, operate at a slow speed or put your engine in neutral if possible. Assess the scene and slowly leave the area while keeping watch. Never pursue or follow a whale and keep at least 500 yards from the right whales (it's the law). 
  • Report whale sightings and collisions immediately to the U.S. Coast Guard on marine VHF Ch. 16 or call 1-877-WHALE-HELP (942-5343).

Learn more about what you can do to prevent right whale collisions at by clickingWildlife.

These North Atlantic Right Whales (mother & calf) were spotted by Juno Beach & Singer Island early January & photographed by Paul Dabill.

*To comply with federal regulations the drone was kept a minimum

of 500 yards from the whales and high powered zoom lens was used.

IG: @pauldabillphotography

Cyber Insurance


Small businesses have a heightened risk when it comes to cyber criminals. Due to lack of security infrastructure, cybercriminals target these businesses to obtain personal data from clients, employees and the businesses themselves. For small businesses ransomware, hacking, data breaches, and extortion payments can determine the future of that business. 

As technology continues to advance the methods used by cybercriminals have transformed as well. Here are a few:

  • Man-in-the-Middle Attacks (MITM) 
  • This form of cyber attacks occurs when a third party intercepts communications between two participants. Through this method information being exchanged between the two is now available to an outside party without your knowledge.
  • Phishing
  • This type of cyber crime occurs through your email. Emails are sent using familiar dialogue from recipients whom you are likely to communicate with, encouraging you to send personal information for an urgent matter or likely situation. 
  • Malware
  • By clicking links and downloading files you are not familiar with you are exposing yourself to software that can attempt to view your browser history, count keystrokes and inevitably steal your credentials.
  • Data-breaches
  • Predictable passwords are one of the most common data breaches. Along with weak passwords data the above mentioned cybercrimes cause our computers and information to be vulnerable. 

Ways to Avoid a Cyber Attack:

Be mindful of the WiFi connections you use. Sometimes a secure website will have an "S" added to the HTTP url address which may indicated additional security measures.

Read through the subject and body of the email thoroughly to catch suspicious language, spelling mistakes, grammatical errors. Additionally, looking at the full email address from the recipient and or copied parties can be helpful. Often times the domain name does not match the content of the email, which is a tell.


Do not download unfamiliar attachments from unfamiliar recipients. Invest in antivirus software and if you feel uncertain about a sent attachment call the recipient at a number not included in the email and verify that an attachment was sent for your review.


Create a unique and complex password for all of your log ins and password secure access points.  ï»¿

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Lori J Sousa, CMIP



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